Take Your

Next Steps

Whether you’re new to church or you’ve been a Christian for years, everyone can take their next step in their faith. The best place to start at Brookside is our Next Step Classes. 

  • Why Jesus?

    We see Jesus as the best place to start the conversation, no matter how long you have or haven't been a Jesus follower. Jesus Christ and his Gospel is the cornerstone to living out a Jesus-Centered life. This Class is hosted at Brookside once a quarter by one of our pastors. 

  • Why Community?

    Community plays a crucial role in helping relationships thrive in the life of the church. We believe that in groups, we are known, loved, cared for, pursued, encouraged, and challenged to be more like Jesus. This Class is an overview of what groups looks like at Brookside and is hosted by one of our Pastors once a quarter. 

  • Why Church?

    While the Church is not a building but a group of people pursuing Jesus together, the Why Church class starts the conversation that allows you to understand more about what makes Brookside tick. This Class isn't a church history class; it's more of an overview of the heart of Brookside and how you can be a part of the church. This Class is hosted at Brookside once a quarter by Pastor Yul.  

  • Why Celebrate?

    This isn't a regular class; this is truly a celebration of what we are doing here on the northeast side of Fort Wayne. This Class allows you and your home to connect to what we are doing in a way that is only found at our yearly cookout. But it is hosted quarterly by the whole Brookside team, and everyone is invited to join.