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Prayer Guide

Prayer is the response that others may not see, and though it may not always produce immediate results, it always holds the most power. Jesus tells us that prayer can move mountains! Here is the past weeks' prayer request for you to pray over. 

UPDATED: 11/30/2021

Updates are checked regularly and as updates become available they are added or removed from the Prayer Guide.


  • Joan Shively

    Prayers please for my son, Zach who has COVID. He has been off work several weeks and is still having symptoms. Also, a friend of mine Elaine, is suffering with COVID symptoms. I would appreciate prayers for another friend Michelle and her family. They are having stressful issues with their teenage son, Will. Keep my aunt Donnie in prayer. She fell (in her 80's) and has 2 fractures on each hand/wrist. Both arms are cast from hand to elbow. She is facing surgery. And my uncle Roger who has his own health issues. 


  • Knuth Family

    UPDATED 9/29

    Currently Daphne is in Indianapolis for a month undergoing in-patient treatment to strengthen and rebuild her cells. Pray for Daphne and her family as they split their time between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

  • Tana LaFever

    UPDATE 11/15

    Aiden developed RSV last week and as a result, his surgery will be delayed at least 6 weeks. They are waiting to hear more from the doctors. Aiden's past 2 cardiologist appointments revealed "increased narrowing of his left pa's and the window to close his VSD may have passed" resulting in another surgery. Luckily, Aiden is unaware of his physical problems and is a happy toddler.

  • Kathy Davis

    Cancer has spread to her knees. Potential of another surgery. Chemo and radiation are going well.

  • Tiffin Dalton  

    Tiffin has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. The tumor has grown and now there are multiple tumors. Pray for Tiffin and also the family.



  • Bree Davis

    Prayers for the Davis family as they mourn the homegoing of Bree's father, Mike Davis.


  • Martha Sparks

    Pray for those of us that are transitioning to assisted living arrangements. Pray for the parents and our kids as we navigate the transition and for our wanting to be with kids/parents whom we love dearly, and the concern for not wanting to intrude or be a burden, or that each other's personal space be overrun. Also, pray for a change in routines, the heartbreak of moving away from dear friends and our community and for the comfort for transitioning to a new community.

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